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Sarna ID : MNBC
Category : Speciality Chemicals (S.C.)
Synonym : Meta Nitrobenzoyl Chloride
CAS No. : 121-90-4
Molecular Formula : C7H4ClNO3
Molecular Weight : 185,56 g/mol

Technical Information

Appearance : Yellow To Brown Liquid
Purity (MNBC) : 98.0 % [min]
MNBA Content : 1.0% [Max]
TC Content : 1.0% [Max]

Sarna chemicals is the largest manufacturer of Meta Chloro Aniline (MCA) (CAS no. 108-42-9) in India. Sarna chemical manufacture M-chloro Aniline (MCA) from our own Meta Nitro Chloro Benzene (MNCB). In india we are the only producer who have dedicated plant to produce MCA (M-chloro Anilne). MCA with highest purity is obtained by six sulzer metapack column of 40 mtr height where we get best separation of isomers. We manufacture in house M-nitrochlorobenzene with our expertise in chlorination. To know about Meta chloro Aniline in details please click the link in product details where you will get all the information regarding M-chloroaniline (MCA), it’s use and end application. Our Meta Chloro Aniline (CAS no. 108-42-9) is used in dyes, agrochemicals & pharmaceuticals.

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